Colourful food

• Colour is so important!
• Not only does colour make our food looking exciting and enticing to eat, but it is also nature’s way of telling us that it is rich in nutrients and goodness.
• Red, yellow, orange, green or purple – contrast and create.

Using herbs and spices

• The ancient medicines have for centuries used herbs and spices for their medicinal properties.
• Turmeric is widely regarded as the most powerful naturally occurring anti-inflammatory known to man. It also contains something called curcumin which is believed to help slow the growth of cancerous tumours and may help inhibit the spread of the cancer cells into other parts of the body. But it also adds a wonderful flavour to our food too.
• Nutritious, healthy food can taste great. Use herbs and spices in abundance.

Making things from scratch, avoiding processed foods

• Much of the food which is available to us is subject to processing. Some of these processes are harmless but some expose us to chemicals and additives, which our body isn’t developed to process and remove properly.
• Processed food also tends to be high in salt, sugars and sometimes saturated fats.

Keeping our diet balanced and varied

• Healthy nutrition needs to be varied; with colour, nutrients, textures and flavours.
• There are certain ingredients that are useful to avoid because of their possible negative impacts and consequences upon our body, but we can replace these with many more wonderfully nutritious and healthy choices.
• Even within our healthy options we still need to ensure we are balanced in our choices and not eating just one type of fruit or vegetable. A varied and balanced diet includes not just fresh fruit and vegetables, but also moderate in take of proteins, carbohydrates and good fats.
• We can get all the nourishment we need from the food that we make and eat.

Scientifically researched and supported

• The nutritional advice we give you at the retreat has been researched thoroughly and is supported accordingly by scientific and medical research papers and evidence.
• Links to these research papers and supporting evidence can be found on the ‘Nutrition; scientific research & support’ page.