Pritha Namjoshi

Having spent several years in the corporate world, I gave up a career in advertising, in Manhattan, to set up and work at a scuba diving resort in the Andaman Islands. This was where I was reintroduced to, and fell in love, with yoga practice, which helped me through a divorce and consequent restructuring of my life once I left the Andaman Islands. I followed a Yoga Alliance Teachers training and subsequently have become a trained teacher in Yoga therapy. I have been working in India and Ireland for the past 1 1/2 years.

Jill Hollings

I had been teaching exercise classes for seniors for a number of years, but then decided that, as valuable as the classes were, I felt that what we needed more of was strength and flexibility. Our movements become smaller as we age and this in turn makes us even stiffer. I needed something, which would restore confidence in movement as well as helping mobilise joints.

Yoga has helped me enormously both physically and mentally. I started attending yoga classes when I was a runner, mainly to stretch out after a run. I then discovered the feeling of space in my head that yoga brought me. I trained as a yoga teacher, and learned so much more about myself. I am a much calmer person these days, and I take a much broader view on life.

During my yoga classes I encourage my students to listen to their own bodies and to do only what feels right for them. We do a lot of work on the feet and hands as well as mobilising the joints before moving on to the postures. For me, the preparation for the postures is more important than the posture itself. Breathing is an integral part of yoga, and is enormously important. However, to try and co-ordinate movement and breath can be challenging, so we often do some breathing to start off with, just to let us get in touch with ourselves.

Åse Rinman - Swedish

Åse undervisar i Kundalini Yoga och MediYoga. Under hösten 2013 kommer hon även att instruera Yoga 1 i Friskis & Svettis regi i Göteborg. Åse är en hängiven yogi med ett dagligt utövande sedan flera år. Hon intresserade sig för Kundalini yoga tack vare dess fokus på integrering och synkronisering av kropp, medvetande och ande. Yogans mest läkande aspekt är enligt Åse möjligheten att bekanta sig med hela sitt väsen, där anden och dess oändliga aspekter är väsentliga och närvarande.

Eftersom Åse även arbetar som civilingenjör inom medicinsk teknik, är det kopplingarna med den mångtusenåriga Indiska filosofin och västerländsk medicin som bildar fond i hennes undervisning. Att resonera kring hur de mångtusenåriga yogakunskaperna nu börjar kunna förklaras inom skolmedicinen, t ex centrala nervsystemet och de endokrina körtlarnas korrespondens till energikanaler och chakran eller neuropsykoimmunologins kopplingar till mantra och meditationer, är igenkommande inslag i hennes yogaundervisning.

Åse är utbildad på Dagsås Mangalam av Emma Öberg och Guru Dharam Khalsa. KRI Internationell Kundalini Yoga Training är en 200 timmars utbildning som lär ut Kundalini yoga enligt Yogi Bahjan. Utbildningen som MediYogainstruktör avslutades våren 2013.

Förutom i egen regi undervisar Åse på retreats och festivaler, bl.a. på en årligen igenkommande yogaretreat på vackra Lövön i samarbete med MYM och Ekolokalt Halland.

Åse Rinman - English

Åse is a teacher of Kundalini Yoga and MediYoga. In autumn 2013 she will also instruct Yoga 1 for ”Friskis & Svettis” in Gothenburg. Ase is a devoted yogini, practicing daily for several years. She became interested in Kundalini yoga, thanks to its focus on the integration and synchronization of body, mind and spirit. The most healing aspect of Yoga, according to Ase, is the possibility it brings to access all aspects of your being and where your spiritual and infinite aspects are vital and present.

Åse also works as an engineer in medical technology. It is the links with the ancient Indian philosophy and Western medicine that form the basis of her teaching. Discussing how ancient yoga knowledge is on the verge of being explained by scientific medicine – such as how the central nervous system and the endocrine correspond to the energy channels and chakras or how neuro-psychoimmunology links with mantras and meditations – is therefore a regular feature in her yoga teaching.

Åse was trained at Dagsås Mangalam by Emma Öberg and Guru Dharam Khalsa. KRI International Kundalini Yoga Training is a 200 hour training course that teaches Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bahjan. Her training as a MediYoga instructor will be completed in the spring of 2013.

In addition to in-house teaching Ase also teaches on retreats and festivals, including the annual yoga retreat on beautiful Lövön in cooperation with MYM and Ekolokalt Halland.