Residential retreats (7 days duration) :

• Will give you support, belief and confidence, all on a personalised level
• Provide the link between your medical treatments and your need for on-going support and care

Nordic Walking :
• During your stay, you will participate in a variety of gentle daily aerobic exercise sessions for both strength and flexibility
• These sessions will be tailored to your needs and abilities
• They will empower, educate and guide you. You will learn how to exercise safely and within your own limits
• You will gain valuable tools and confidence
• You will leave with realistic and achievable goals and a personalised plan

Yoga and meditation :
• Daily yoga instruction
• Daily guided meditation

Nutrition and nourishment :
• Every day we cook nutritious and well-balanced recipes
• You are encouraged to spend time in the kitchen, observing (and helping with us, if you wish) the preparation of these delicious recipes
• This informal cooking participation will give you skills, knowledge and recipes, which you can take home with you, and apply positively to your home and daily life

Manual Lymphatic Drainage for lymphoedema

Example schedule

Day 1 Arrival afternoon/evening
After dinner and introductions to our team, we will privately complete an additional health and exercise questionnaire, which will support the more detailed questionnaires completed prior to you booking your trip.

Days 2-7
• Before breakfast - guided meditation and gentle stretching
• Breakfast
• ‘Therapeutic session’ (yoga or Nordic Walking)
• Lunch
• Free time
• ‘Therapeutic session’ (yoga or Nordic Walking)
• Dinner
• Rest

For those affected by cancer we will have various personal consultations and exercise/yoga sessions during your stay.
Day 4 Personal holistic health consultations
Day 6 Personal yoga consultations
Day 7 Individual Personal exercise and yoga sessions during the day and distribution of Personal holistic packs
Day 8 Departure morning/lunchtime

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